Suggestions for Future Sevillanos

Learning how the best utilize the Seville public transportation will save countless time, and will assist in getting the most out of your Seville experience. One of the best decisions I have made while in Seville has been my purchase of the Sevici bicycle system, which costs around 40 euros for the entire year, including insurance ( This service allows someone to travel for 30 minutes on bicycles placed throughout the city, and once these 30 minutes are up, one will be charged for each additional hour. Putting the bicycle back and then taking it out again before the 30 minutes is up is a great way around the 30 minute rule, however I have found that I can travel all the way from one side of the city (Nervión Plaza) to the other (Mercado Triana) in under this 30 minute time allotment. The metro and bus system also work extremely well, and Centro MundoLengua provided us with four 30 euro metro/bus/trolley passes for throughout the semester, which has been more than enough for travel to the University each day, in addition to further use on the weekend.

The transportation in Seville can also be used travel all throughout Spain. The bus station at Plaza de Armas has busses that travel throughout Spain, and even to Portugal, while, other bus stations such as Prado de San Sebastian tend to solely travel throughout Andalucía. The bus system, while very easy to navigate, tends to be slower, more likely to be late, and less comfortable than the trains. I have found that it works just as easily to buy bus and train tickets online, as it is to do so in person, it really depends on personal preference. Flying is also very easy to do since there is a four euro bus to and from the airport that runs every 30 minutes, and there are companies, such as RyanAir, that offer very cheap flights all over Europe, as well as to Northern Africa.

Traveling throughout all of Spain is wonderful, however, there are also wonderful things to do while in Seville. One activity that every student should look into is the opportunity to volunteer while in Seville. I am currently volunteering at a pool where I help disabled children and adults to swim, which is a method of physical therapy in addition to just a fun activity that they love to do. Even if students do not participate in the volunteering course offered, it is still possible to volunteer.  I have chosen to volunteer three hours every week, and I have had the opportunity to learn new vocabulary, meet new people, and make a meaningful difference in the community.

A very underrated and often forgotten 33bactivity besides soccer games (both Betis and Sevilla), there are many opportunities for very intense listening activities.  The theatre is a wonderful place to experience Spanish culture, and there are three major theaters in Seville, and the cheapest option is Teatro Lope de Vega. This is housed in gorgeous building that was built in the Baroque-style in 1929 for the Ibero-American Exposition.  I urge everyone to go out and experience the culture that Seville has to offer as the time flies by faster than is imaginable.


By jmsylvester

Hispanic Studies Major.